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Published by: November 24 April, Dr. Gocha 2560 |.

Published by: November 24 April, Dr. Gocha 2560 |.
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The construction boom. The automotive market is driving Africa's ceramic inks.

It is anticipated that the rate of urbanization in Africa to. 70% within a year, the population of the middle finger is 2568 region close to 300 million people. Likely to exacerbate the current demand for residential buildings and solutions for car mobility as part of. Largest consumer of ceramic inks.

AGC flat glass, lick officially inaugurates the new float line Cuneo plant.

After 3 months of cold repair process and invest approximately 25 billion euros is the AGC flat glass Italia via the new float line opened in Cuneo Italy floating line upgrade will increase the plant's production capacity while reducing energy consumption by 25% and also reduce atmospheric emissions.

The ceramic armor set out to create a sustainable market yourself, fire resistant in Ukraine.

As a subsidiary of armour ceramic mineral Savex organization set. With the goal of creating a fireproof market itself in Ukraine, need to import overseas. The company is currently selling RA capital seal of ICO prior phase inhalation until November 30 of this.

Parental control system is installed in a glass, European emissions in Luxembourg.

Glass ruled in Europe opens new State of the art emission control systems company, floating glass factories in Dudelange Luxembourg control system receives the full four months now.

Asahikawa hikla India will begin commercial production of float glass plant at Taloja.

Asahikawa hikla India is set at the factory, production of plants with Taloja has the ability to produce value-added high-quality glass for architectural and automotive glass production capacity in manufacturing glass 550 tonnes per day.

After decades of pushing more Bachelors tradespeople

Lot has been put into encouraging secondary schools to colleges, academic degrees, instead of training in the industry and other businesses that many fields face a worker shortage. Now California will spend $6 million on a campaign to revive the reputation of vocational and $200 million to improve delivery.

Henkel advanced material investments start NBD Nanotechnologies

Henkel Adhesives technologies (Düsseldorf, Germany) Investors in the United States starting NBD advanced Nanotechnologies (Boston, mass.), NBD. Nano-materials for advanced startup that specializes in customized surface properties such as repellency or adhesion.

The extended deadline for the country to United States production.

Inaugural meeting, in cooperation with the Research Institute of the country United States production has expanded abstract submission deadline November 30 meeting will be held June 18-22, 2018 at Texas A & M University.

Election of the Chairman of the Department of materials science and engineering in Erlangen Boccaccini.

Aldo R. Boccaccini has been elected the new Chairperson of the Department of materials science and engineering at the University of Erlangen Nuremberg Germany period of two years, a friend and member of Boccaccini ACerS Basic Science Fund.

NGK spark plugs and Schneider Electric partner to promote large scale energy harvesting system.

Spark plug NGK insulators Ltd. Schneider Electric worldwide leader of advanced ceramic products production, along with the announcement that the two companies will explore the opportunities the world NGK spark plugs battery market share of NAS and Schneider Electric inverters.

ThermoFisher scientific seminar: analysis of ceramic materials with the Pathfinder software, Pinnacle.

Microanalysis with top of Pathfinder enables engineers to visualize a sample in any location of the surface of the sample on December 20 Webinar Pathfiner Pinnacle is used to monitor a variety of ceramic samples with a map that reveals the distribution of elements.

Glass factories of the old GW PC will automatically shut down in June 2018.

Definitely not per month, Pittsburgh glass work (GW) officially announces it will close the oldest automotive manufacturing factory in Creighton. Anticipated out off the production process occurs in June 2018.

Step five is the manufacturer of ' clever '.

There's no question digital production revolution is racing, we are manufacturers of small or medium size near you, then, is a "smart". Here are five steps journey to enterprise digital wisely.

Sales Manager Charles Ross & company, the scroll ball, Christine Banaszek.

Charles Ross & son marry Christine Banaszek as sales manager of new Ross in the year 2005 a joint Banaszek engineers in sales and she has also worked at the company's Te.